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Daily Pictures of Jon Walker

Your Daily Dose of Jon Walker
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Jon Walker's face! Every day!
A place to get your daily dose of faux affliction Jon Walker! This is a kick off your flip-flops and relax kind of place, so sit back and enjoy yourself some Jon Walker.

Have a picture that you want people to see? Post it here! Noticed that a post hasn't been made yet? Take matters into your own hands, I don't mind. Go crazy! We're all here for the same things, so if you want to share, then share!
1. Be considerate of people's f-lists. Don't post more than one (reasonably sized) photo outside of a cut. Please post all .gifs under a cut.

2. Be considerate of Jon's privacy. No pictures of Jon's family or girlfriend, or any Panic or Young Veins relative. The land of internet photos can be tricky because sometimes you just don't know. But just go at it with caution.

3. No girlfriend bashing. Just don't do it, okay? Do it in your personal journals if you feel so strongly about it, but don't publicize it here. This is a happy place.


If you want to affiliate, just ask!

Just contact the mods if you need anything!
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